A different hobby

I thought that for something different this time, I’d post pictures of one of my other hobbies, stitching. I’ve been doing counted cross-stitch since perhaps 1970 with my first pattern being one of the buildings from Colonial Williamsburg that I found while on a vacation with my grandparents. I’m not a fast stitcher – I tend to work on pieces in spurts of energy and enthusiasm, then set it aside for months at a time. While I was recuperating from my fractured ankle, I was able to finish off three projects and start on a new one.  So here’s some of my embroidery work from over the years…

The lion heads came from a Dimensions kit, but I don’t have the pattern anymore to show the name of the designer.  This was completed in 1992 and is in our hall.

Lion heads

Lion heads

I have an old pattern book called “NFL Huddlers” and this was the pattern for the mascot for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (my home town team).  The person who was the mascot in the early days of the Bucs asked if he could buy it for me to add to his memorabilia collection.  I just gave it to him for a few bucks for postage.

Tampa Bay NFL mascot

Tampa Bay NFL mascot


My Cat’s Favorite Place

This is one of the Britty Kitty patterns, titled “My cat’s favorite place”


This is Rainy Day, from “Patches and Pals” by Ursula Michaels.  I collect scarecrows


Rainy Day

And its match from the same book, Sunny Day

editsunnydayThis one is “Maiden of the Raven” from a design by Jeanne Gamble.  This one is a gift for one of my best friends out in California. Rather proud of how this one turned out.  Can’t wait to see how it looks in a frame.

Maiden of the Raven, 2012

Maiden of the Raven, 2012


So nothing about mills this time, but at least it’s still about textiles.




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